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Jarosław Wojtach
fot. Weronika Wojtach

My name is Jarek Wojtach

I am an Architecture graduate from Technical University In Bialystok and also a graduate from the Interior Design Department from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In my professional career I strive to combine my skills in creating and furnishing spaces with fine details and all available forms of art. I have designed not only a great deal of architectural projects, but also have drawn and supervised a vast number of interior design assignments, furniture and other objects of everyday life. I can express my artistic side in paintings, drawings or illustrations to different books and press publications

If in my busy schedule I manage to find some spare time, I try to devote it to travelling. When I set off on one of my journeys, I always bring along one of my sketch books; these are vital part of my equipment while exploring new areas. When I hold a pencil, while sitting on a stone steps, or leaning against a cold wall, I become a part of that that space I have found myself in. A random drawing, a sketch comes to life, just like a captured memory, just like a picture I just have seen with my own eyes, like a page in a diary…