"We have long suspected that the first was an egg, but today we have strong evidence that the first was a chicken," said Dr. Colin Freeman from the Faculty of Materials Science at Sheffield University. Jul 15, 2010
7 facts is a short film which tells a story about media misinformation. We tried to give a funny perspective on how the current media works and how people receive information in a situation where we are all living right now.

starring Piotr Rogucki and Ishi
written by Piotr Starzyk and Piotrek Matejkowski
cinematography by Jakub Burakiewicz
edit by Kuba Tomaszewicz
casting by Sylwia Blaszczyk
costume by Weronika Wojtach
horse tamer Wojtek Orlik
sound postproduction by Błażej Kafarski Studio Głośno
sound on set by Bernard Sierakowski
color correction by Piotr Sasim Platige Image
music by Novi Singers
thanks to SKJ Bajardo stable

directed by Piotr Matejkowski
7 facts
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